7 days of hiking on the King's trail from Kvikkjokk and Saltoluokta

This blog was written in the Swedish mountains on a mobile phone using Termux and a foldable bluetooth keyboard from Jorno.

Table of contents

2019-06-21 Kvikkjokk - Pårte Fjällstugan

We took the night train and transfered to bus and arrived in Kvikkjokk around 12.

This year is (apparently) a bad mosquito year, so the parts in the forest (which was most of the trail) was quite horrible.

We could not find any good camp sites at the lake where Pårte is so we decided to pay the fee and camp at the Fjällstation.

We arrived at Pårte around 18:30, raised our tents, took a quick and cold bath and then relaxed next to the fireplace in the cabin.

Quick picture before continuing to run away from the mosquitos

Midsummer dinner, dried potatoes, mustard marinated tofu (vegan variant of senapssill) and snaps

2019-06-22 Pårte Fjällstuga - Jågge

The weather was awful today. Heavy rain and strong winds (when we went above the tree-limit). We aimed at walking from Pårte to Aktse, but we were too tired/cold to continue once we got to Jågge. We therefore spent the night at Jågge (in tents) and enjoyed the fireplace in the cabin.

One of the bridges we crossed in the rain

2019-06-23 Jågge - Aktse Fjällstation

The weather was much better today, and we had a really nice time above the tree line with nice views.

A nice little lake with a view of Tjakelij (from the Pårte side)

We arrived to Laitaure around 13, right in between the two daily boats. We decided to row over Lájtávrre instead of waiting for the boat for several hours. There was only one rowing boat on the Laitaure side though so we had to row back and forth to make sure to leave one boat on the Laitaure side.

I rowed the first round and stayed at the Aktse side to raise the tents while Johnny and Patrick went back to leave a boat.

Tjakelij from Akte Fjällstation

The sauna in Aktse was unfortunately broken but we were at least able to take a hot shower (after heating water).

2019-06-24 Aktse Fjällstation - Ridok

We left Aktse around 10 and headed for Rapadalen along the route to Skierffe.

All three of us at the intersection between Aktse, Skierffe and Sitojaure

We did not go up Skierffe but continued straight ahead into Rapadalen. Going uphill after Tjasskávárásj was quite exhausting and it was quite cold due to the wind.

We managed to find a nice site to camp close to Ridok.

The camp site and view at Ridnok

View of Nammásj and Rapadalen

2019-06-25 Ridok - Tjasskávárásj (via Nammásj)

We decided to not continue up Rapadalen because of the cold. We instead walked down to the lower Rapadalen and hiked up Nammásj and then up to the high path again.

Nammásj from the path next to the river in Rapadalen

Part of the view from Nammásj

We found a pretty good place to cross Nammásjjåhkå down in Rapadalen, the water reached right under our knees

There was a pretty okay path down in Rapadalen, along the river. The part after Nammásj was quite exhausting though as we had to walk off-path, cross a river, and then climb up the valley side again. We set camp quite late and decided to sleep extra long and take it easy the next day.

Evening view of Rapadalen

2019-06-26 Tjasskávárásj - Svijnne

We went up Skierffe and then continued towards Svijnne. The view from Skierffe was amazing, we had a clear view of the inner parts of Rapadalen.

Me and part of the view from Skierffe

Rapadalens river delta

We decided to take a “shortcut” to the west of Doaresoajvve. It was relatively easy to hike there, I would recommend it for anyone going from Svijnne to Skierffe or vice-versa.

The terrain to the west of Doaresoajvve

We set camp at Svijnne and aimed at taking the boat in the morning.

2019-06-27 Sitojaurestugan - Autsutjvagge

We did not have any phone connection and were hence unable to call for boat transport to Sitojaure. Anna Blind gave 4 people a ride in from Sitojaure to Svijnne though so we were abĺe to get a ride to Sitojaure in the morning.

A wet boat ride to Sitojaure

View of the river close to Autsutjvagge

The hike up the valley towards Saltoluokta was quite windy. We even had some problems getting the tents up at Autsutjvagge. Luckily, the winds died down later in the evening and we were able to get some sleep.

2019-06-28 Autsutjvagge - Saltoluokta

Last hiking day. It was a quite windy day, and (and night), we were afraid that the tents would blow away.

The windy tent location

We only had 9 km to hike and started quite late.

View of Lulep Gierkav a few kilometers before Saltoluokta

We reached Saltoluokta around 13:30 but the dinner were unfortunately already fully booked. They had a folk-music festival going on in Saltoluokta so there were quite a lot of people and an extra bar outdoors. They served hamburgers so we decided to eat burgers instead of the soy-bit stew we had brought with us.